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Caro Sant

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I’m going to talk about my Brazilian partner in this project: Isabela P.

The first thing we talked about was where did we live to what she answered Uberlandia, a small city in Brazil. She likes it there because you can get to know everybody. I felt identified with this, ‘cause I always wanted to live in a small place, Buenos Aires is too big for me.

Isabela doesn’t have a hobby but really enjoys hanging out with her friends or boyfriend. Also, she likes staying at home and watching a movie!

In Easter she ate lots of chocolate, which is her life’s passion, with what I totally agree because I definetly LOVE chocolate. But I also  think Easter is an occasion to be with all your family so I was sad when she told  me a part of hers lived in São Paulo and couldn’t visit her but happy to hear she enjoyed it anyway.

Afterwards we talked about our schools, and instead of mine, hers has a lot of students! Although she says is quite small in terms of structure. In mine everyone knows each other, but in her’s it’s almost impossible ‘cause there are like nine classes per year with forty students each! When Isabela told me this I was amazed; it’s so different from where I study. Here there is one class per year with, more or less, twenty students each!

Also, her school isn’t close from her house so she goes by car. Moreover, we have a similar taste for music, which I found completely fabulous! She loves ‘Demons’ and ‘Radioactive’ which are two songs from my favourite band: Imagine Dragons. They play indie rock and electronic rock. Furthermore, she adores Nickelback, because in her opinion it’s the best rock band ever. I don’t know this band but I will definetly listen to their songs.

Also, Isabela told me she listens to electronic music played by Avicii, David Guetta or Hardwell. One of her dreams is to go to an event called Tomorrowland in Belgic; only electronic music for a thousand people! I would also like very much to go, so, Isaa, if you ever go, tell me and we go together!

This was a great experience and getting to know Isabela was totally amazing. I always wanted to have a friend in another country so I’m so happy with this project and hope we keep in touch.



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