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Manuel M

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Project hello there.


The Project hello there aimed to pair up some students from Brazil and some other ones from Argentina to communicate via on-line by an interactive page called Edmodo where we were divided in 18 groups, usually there were 1 Argentinian and 1 Brazilian but as there were more students from Argentina some groups where of 3, 2 Argentines and 1 Brazilian and the project went through 4 weeks approximately. I was in a group with a Brazilian girl from Uberlandia called Gabriela . she was my same age and now I’m going to develop what I learned.

I had to communicate with a 14 years old called Gabriela. She lives in Uberlandia and studies in cultura inglesa institute. We hadn’t so much communicate because of primly me , because I wasn’t all day at home and after school or going out with my friends my head was in other things so I mostly forgot about it but almost every 6-7 days I responded to her posts or posted something . I learned that she likes her city and have lots of things to do in it but she thinks it can sometimes be a little dangerous but she never was stole as me. About going out she usually goes to have dinner of dancing and sometimes to the mall. I learned that she loves volleyball and to play the guitar. She feels really comftable with her  family but she doesn’t have non brother or sister finally she has a pretty cut dog called Scooby that looks very young and with brownish hair.

In conclusion I think this was an interesting project because we contacted people with another culture and far away from where I live, I also think it was a well designed project without any mistake and the page we used was appropriated do what it was spected from us 


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