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Page history last edited by Jennifer Verschoor 6 years, 7 months ago

This project was about 18 students from Brazil and 25 students from Argentina, that they were suppose to chat during 4 weeks.In the beginning we started very shy, but then we started to trust in each other.

The girl that I met is called Ana Laura Sódre, she is fifteen years old. Ana lives in Uberlandia, a medium city in Brazil.She loves to listening music and also se loves dancing “Belly dance”.And she makes shuttlecock, it’s a nice sport, she used to participate several competitions, some won and others lost.However she loves to play tennis, she will start in July.Something we have in common is that she loves the animals, she has two dogs, the smallest called Nina and the biggest Melody.She goes to Messias Pedreiro, is the best public school in the city.She told me that last year she was new in the school, and at the first she was shy, but now she has a lot of friends.Moreover she likes History very much, because she learns about the past.She likes to see football’s teams,but she told me that she doesn’t like very much when it appears violence between the teams, so she doesn’t love it.Ana likes barbecue very much especially the chocolate.She enjoys watch series,she watches: Game of Thrones,Supernatural,Pretty Little Liars,The Walking Dead and more series.

Above all I think that she is a very nice and friendlu girl.I enjoyed very much to chat with her.Also I’m very proud to met a girl more or less of my age,who lives in other country and the most important ting is that I had to shared this project with Ana! I hope she enjoyed meeting me.

For me this project helped us to realized that we can know many persons of others countries without being close to the persons,and you don’t always need to be near the person to know them,and pherhaps you can met someone who you will be identify with (her or him),


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