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Lucia F

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Reports have been transcribed without the teacher’s corrections



Our teacher, Jennifer Verschoor decided to start a Project, which consisted in making groups with teenagers from Brazil and learn about them. The project started on April 10th and ended on May 10th.

My online partner is called Arthur Prado Xavier Santos. We had been communicating us by Edmodo.

Arthur lives in a city called Überlandia, in his opinion it is not a very famous city but he likes it because he can do lot of things there. He usually plays soccer with his friends. His favourite soccer team is Flamengo. He has a very cheerful family and he loves hanging out with them. He has a sister called Maisa and two dogs, both female. His favourite colour is red and his birthday is on July 5 th.

We talked about our countries. He told me that he had never been to Argentina but if he has the opportunity of traveling he would like to visit the Boca Junior stadium, the Bombonera.

I learned about Brazil´s typical foods, which are Pao de Queijo, Acarajé and Feijoada. I would like to eat them some day!

Arthur listens to all type of music, but if he has to choose one, he will chose rock and electronic music.

In conclusion I liked this project very much and I am proud of the results because we could learn things about a person who we are not near to. For example, about our families, our countries, our culture and about us.

I think Arhtur is a very kind and nice person and I hope we repeat the project again. :D



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