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Carolina S

Page history last edited by Jennifer Verschoor 6 years, 2 months ago

Reports have been transcribed without the teacher’s corrections





Two months ago Jennifer came with the idea of a new proyect. It consisted in communicating via Edmodo with Brazilian boys and girls for a whole month. At the beginning I was very happy because I really like learning about other cultures and meetig new people. However, I was, at the same time, a little upset because we were going to use a platform we had used last year with a Spanish teacher and I didn’t like it.

As the days passed i got really excited about the proyect and on the very first day it started, I began communicating.

Group 15: Ronaldo (Brazil) Lucas (Argentina)

Ronaldo lives in Uberlandia a midsized city in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, he sid many people go there because they have a very good University, the UFU.

The following day we talked about the music we liked and he said he liked most kinds of music, mostly rock and electronic and a famous music in Brazil, similar to country, Sertanejo and Arrocha.

Ronaldo likes Green Day, Queen, Imagine Dragons, bands Lucas and I also really liked and a band called Skillet that I later heard and liked many songs.

His favorite rock band is Guns n’ Roses.

After thet we started talking about the things we liked to do. Last year he used to go to parties from two to three parties a week but this year he had much to study so he goes only once a week. On Fridays he goes to a friend’s house where he eats barbacue and plays Poker with some friends. He also mentiones one of them was a DJ so he heard a lot of electronic music and old Sertanejo.

Some nights he enjoys having dinner at restaurants and he likes going on bike trails on Sunday mornings.

Ronaldo doesn’t play any musical instruments, though he would like to and he doesn’t like Longboards, he prefers classic Skateboards.

When we spoke of our countries’ festivities, he talked about the carnival and the “Festa Junina,” where they have a big campire. He likes  Carnival.

He thinks Brazil is a very beautiful place to live because it is very peaceful, without many crimes and has a lot of things to do. He can’t say which is the best thing od Brazil but he finds it “beautiful how Brazilians welcome people.”

Ronaldo goes to a “COC” School, where he studies almost the whole day, morning and evening and he has to wear a T-shirt. He also goes to an extra course, CCAA, where he doesn’t need any uniform.

At the end of the project we met some of the Brazilian boys and girls, and their teacher Ana María at a virtual platform called Adobe Connect. Although Ronaldo couldn’t make it I spoke with other Brazilian girls and had pretty much fun and learnt about some places they travelled and their pets and family.

I really enjoyed this project because I really got to learn about some things from people from differnt places and, also because I learnt to like Edmodo, it’s a really nice place to communicate.

This project didn’t just show us how technology helps to communicate and learned about Brazilian people, but also got to know things about my partner of Argentina, Lucas.

This project showed us a nice and easy way to communicate and meet different kinds of people. I would definetly like to keep in conctact who seemes to be a really nice guy.



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