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Catalina Awruch

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Reports have been transcribed without the teacher’s corrections




Hello There Project: Laura Pereira

This Project had several objectives. First, Jennifer´s and Anan Maria´s aim was to make boys and girls from the same age, and different countries to communicate with each other.Also, I think that we made more than only communicate, we made new friends. Secondly, this project was about getting to know with each other, your culture and different customs.

The project was called “Hello There”, it stared on April 10th and ended on May 10th. In it there were involved girls and boys from Argentina and Brazil, divided in 18 groups.

My group was formed by Lucas Coto (Argentina) and Laura Pereira (Brazil). Laura or as I called her Lau, lives in Uberlandia, she has never been to Argentina. She is 16 years old, also she likes to read, play tennis, listen to music, playing video games and spending time with her family and friends. Laura lives with her mother, her step-father, her brother, that is 13 years old, whose name is Daniel, and her little sister called Isabela, who is one year old. Lau is the oldest of all her siblings, so she feels she has to be responsible for them. In addition to that, she lives with her dog called Sindy.

According to her point of view, Uberlandia is not a very big city but in it she loves going to the club and the cinema. Moreover, the climate in this place is very, very warm and dump, almost all the year. Totally the opposite to Buenos Aires, we had several climate changes. Due to this fact, she loves swimming but there is no beaches al Uberlandia. Furthermore she likes dancing, she thinks she is terrible at this, however I really believe she is not. Laura has been studying at Messias Pedreiro for two years. Currently she is in the second year of high school, although she has been learning English for three years, also she loves the language because she thinks is easier than Portuguese.  In the last part of this project I asks her more private questions, such as, who was her best friend. The answer was Ana Laura that she has known her for approximately 9 years.

The communication with this girl was absolutely respectful, kind and interesting. Firstly, we were a little bit shy and we asked impersonal questions, for instance, how the place we lived is etc. Nevertheless, unfortunately, at the end of the project, we stared to get more confident with each other.

As I said before I think that we made more than just communicate, we made new friends. Now that the project ended we are going to still talk with each other by other social networks, like facebook and whatsapp.

Concluding, I loved to talk with her and also I love the idea that we are going to still be friends. I think she is such a beautiful, kind and extremely nice person. To summarize, I think that this project was really amazing and I totally would like to repeat it.

Catalina Awruch

Reports have been transcribed without the teacher’s corrections

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