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Victoria Espil

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 INTRODUCTION: The objective of this project was to pair up students from Brazil with students from Argentina, so they could talk between them and get to know each other. Some groups were formed by 2 students from Argentina and 1 from Brazil. In my case, I was added to Group 7 with Pedro from Brazil. We just talked through Edmodo because I didn’t ask for his phone number or to friend him on Facebook.   

We decided to communicate by asking 5 questions to each other. The main theme we talked about was music, and we could see that we were very different. His favourite music genre is rap, and he hasn’t got only one band that he likes, he listens to many rappers, all Brazilians, like Emicida, Facção Central, Criolo Doido, Racionais MC, among others. He doesn’t play any instrument and he isn’t interested in such thing. Rock and heavy metal are some of the music genres that I like the most, but Pedro said that these genres don’t match his type.

We also talked about our family; he mentioned that he had a brother who is 18 years old and that he was already at the University studying Mechanical Engineering.

Pedro doesn’t have any pets because he thinks that having animals take you off a lot of time.

He lives in Uberlândia, which he said is a great place to live, at least in the center, where he lives, everything is near his house, like the school, his club, among others. He told me that Uberlândia doesn’t have many parks and in his opinion they should be more. Pedro also mentioned that generalizing in Brazil parks do not usually have courts, after all that’s bad.
When I asked him about his school, he said that he likes it very much. The teachers are the best; they are hilarious and they have a very good relationship with their students. Pedro’s favourite subjects are biology, math and physics. He thinks that those are the only subjects that make studying something fun, but anyway biology is the one he likes the most.


CONCLUSION: I think Pedro is a very interesting person, although I didn’t talk so much with him because I forgot to enter Edmodo sometimes. He seems to be very responsible, more than me, because he always answered fast and made questions about interesting themes. It’s hard to believe that physics, biology and math are the easiest subjects for him! But he has an awesome personality and I wish I have talked more with him, but anyway I loved the project and it would be great to live this experience again!


Reports have been transcribed without the teacher’s corrections


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