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Ronaldo Ramone

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Project Hello, There! consists in learning about people from  other country, in this case people from Argentina. They sent messengers for me and I sent messengers for they, and in this experience I discover a lot of thing, first I image this was very hard, because when I started I was in Miami and I couldn’t send messengers every day. And in this project I made some travels, but when I keep a conversation with Lucas and Carolina I changed idea because both students are cool people and I like to make part of this Project. And even the project end I will try to keep contact.


Carolina S.

She is a very nice girl, she lives in Buenos Aires. Carolina is the first person who entered in group. I think she likes Frozen (movie) because her picture is a character of frozen. She was born in Argentina, and not live in other city, she says Buenos Aires is a good place to live, where have beautiful places, entertainment, variety of social cultures and landscapes, have some bad aspect like delinquency and dirty place in the center but she like live there, she doesn't have idea where or what is Uberlandia but I explained a little about my city, she say to me she appreciate rock, electronic and eletro house, pop music like Queen, Imagine Dragons an indie rock band is her favorite, she said that classic music is represented by Chammame but this is for old people stuff. She have been listen killet, Monster, Hero, Awake and alive, Rise, Not gonna die, Salvation, Circus for a psyco, Open wounds, Under my skin, Fire and fury, Collied and Forsaken, she said girls go to school wear squared skirts and the rest is the same as boys, your class is 7:50 morning till 12:15 and have Spanish classes and English classes from 1:30 to 4:30


Lucas N 

He is a good boy, he talks less than Carolina, but he send image. He was born in Spain and moved to Argentina 2 years ago He has 14 years old now. He said Madrid and Buenos Aires in so different places, Madrid have more parks. He spoke Buenos Aires is a big city and "squared" and as he was born in Madrid. He said is better, he talk about “unicenter” is a shopping where people can go to cinema, have place who he said people can have great time because they can make some activities, he appreciate rock like me and Carolinebut he don’t like tango. He wear is a white t-shirt, grey pants, black shoes and the logo of the school to go to San Matthews.



I think the project is cool because I learned about other country and people. In our conversation I discover that I have a lot of things in common, for example is the music, I realize that nowadays the Americans artist and musicians are presents in all countries. And the people who were the same age are listen the same music in spite they live in so far from the internet is one worldwide, but the country try to preserve the local culture and folklore.


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