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Vinícius Oliveira

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Vinícius, you can't imagine how happy I was reading your final report and see that you've understood what I had in mind by proposing this project to all of you.

Yes, you can be proud of your English, apart from writing very well, you can express your ideas clearly.




Project Hello There!


This project is based basicly on putting two or more people from different countries to comMunicate in order to learn about other cultures and life styles.  It is very interesting because we usually don't worry so much about the life of a different person besides ours. The opportunity that Cultura Inglesa gave to me was unique, once that I never met anyone from Argentina. In addition, it was a great opportunity to practise my English due to the interaction with other people who speak English too.




I don't have so much to say about her because she wasn't present daily in Edmodo to answer questions. However, Victoria had an important part In the activity because she was the one who started to talk with me. In the beggining I wasn't so exciting about the project. I thought that we weren't going to interact with each other. Although her action made me change my mind.

She had introduced herself and few days later I introduced myself. Our dialogue stopped there because she disappeared. EVery day I entered my Edmodo account to see if she had answered me but nothing. I got very upset and lost faith in the project. Despite that I still entered Edmodo a few more times when Santiago appeared and I got my faith back in the project.

 Happily, she add me on Facebook and I got relieved. I got worried because she didn't answer me. Nevertheless, she started to talk with me again on Edmodo. For the little I know about her, I ended up liking her person once  we have the same preferences. I  will know more things about with the time. By the way, I saw some photos of her on Facebook and she looks very funny and friendly. Hope to keep contact with her.





Santiago was the person who made me have faith in the project again because when Victoria stopped talking to me, a few weeks later he had showed up. I was so happy that I  would be able to exchange culture and information with a person from another country. In the beggining I think we were too ashamed and talked about trivial things like hobbies, sports, and games that we like, and that showed me that we have a lot in common so the conversation would always be interesting. In order to know him better I asked about his family , daily routine and how he celebrates Easter. I got very surprised with the answers because he has a quite big family which is not very common in Brazil , he studies quite hard and saves time to play football and he celebrates easter in family whereas in Brazil some people is more worried about eating chocolate. After a while we started to talk like we were friends, in fact I might be wrong, but we talked about things that even friends couldn't or don't like to talk about. He told me a little about the places he likes in Buenos Aires despite the people are very difficult due to the problems of the government. Moreover, I asked how they enter in university, the career he wants to follow and why some people don't accept what we desire for our life (this is the type of conversation that is hard even with your parents). And in the end, we are boys who love football, so we talked about the World Cup in Brazil this year. He told me his expectations, how he supports his team ...

To conclude this report about Santiago I want to thank him for showing up and showing me that even in different places we can meet people similar to you. I think that we are in different places and maybe we are not going to talk to each other again but I can call him MY FRIEND because we shared information and feelings about society . 





Since I never thought I would be able to talk to a person from another country, this project is excellent. I simply love it. I wouldn't change anything because it works this way and no one was harmed. Meet amazing people like Santiago and Victoria made me glad for studying English all this time because I know now that I can keep a long conversation in this language.

The only thing that I might be sad is the fact that I will probably lose contact with them. On the other hand I'm happy that I met them and I hope that teacher Ana Maria keeps the project going on and maybe spread the idea to the other teachers. 


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