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Vinícius Magno

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- In the project "hello there!" I was added to group 3 , which was composed by 3 students: Me (Vinicius Magno) , Mariana and Guadalupe. At first I didn't have enough time to access  Edmodo , but after some time , I started to talk more every week.

 We started to talk on the second week of April and we finished today (05/19/2014). We talked only by via Edmodo , without Exchanging any picture or audio , just one video was sent by Guadalupe. I had some problems with my computer during the project , however I answered my group. 





  - She's from Buenos Aires and she's14 years old. After the presentation of the group members , the name and where we lived , Mariana started the dialogue talking about how she celebrated Easter , because we started to talking in the Easter week. She said she have a family time with a lot of chocolate , and asked how Guadalupe and i celebrate it. After this , i don't know why , she didn't talk anymore.


 - She's from Buenos Aires , she's 14 years old , has one brother and two sisters. Guada started our dialogue answering Mariana saying that , in her family  , they gather at the home of a family member and usually do a treasure hunt with two teams , boys against girls.

 In another  meeting  , i asked her what she usually does to have fun. She told me she usually stays at home rather than go out to watch series and films but , sometimes , she goes out with her friends to Unicenter , where has a great variety of shops , restaurants , cinema , a game centre, a bowling place , and when they don't want to go to Unicenter , they usually go to the river , a place where they can relax , might play football , ride bikes , skates or they  gather in houses to watch a movie and talk. They have other places to go out like Tortuguitas Open Mall , she has never been there , but told me people say it's great. I realized that she really likes music , because , she has knowledge of musical genres that she likes and a good critical sense , such as , Electronic Music , which listen Dubstep , and especially Rock , which she appreciate a lot. She has all AC/DC album , listen to great bands (The Cure and Arctic Monkey) and she can play drums , that's awesome!!  She's a real rocker.

 One day , We talked about the World Cup that will happen here in Brazil and like me , she thought that , with the situation of my country , bad public institutions , the people are more important than this event , but how as I really like football as she , we are both excited with the World Cup. She's from a team called River Plate which won the tournament , she's very happy with that , and she excites with her father and brother when they watch the game.

 She told me her brother did tae kwon do when he was younger and now he plays rugby. She does artistic gymnastics with Mariana on Saturdays and she plays drums on Wednesdays.  Usually , her routine is , wake up at 6:45AM but her sister with who she shares room , wake up at 6:00AM , so Guada wakes up a little earlier than expected , after this , she wears the uniform , go to school and when she’s back , she tends to get on Tumblr. It’s a blog where she has a friend called Charlote , who lives in San Fransisco and is 14 years old.

 Guada has many friends , all of them are funny and nice to socialize , but she doesn’t think she has a best friend , only more attached to Erika , who she knows since Kinder 5 , and Cata , who joined her school in second grade. I asked her if she has a boyfriend and she said she has many friends who are boys but no boyfriends.

  I asked to Guada if she ever came to Brazil and she said she visited Ilha Bela. She praised the ocean saying that water was warm and the wonderful beaches and she realized that Brazilians are very happy people and were always ready to help.

  Guada loved the trip and she hopes she can come back some time.




 - Even not talking so much and with all my technical problems , I thought the project was a great opportunity for me to talk with another person and know her by the English language. I really liked to talk with my group all those weeks and I’ll keep talking to them , but now by via Facebook. The only bad thing is that it’s hard for those who don’t have enough time for access the Edmodo and I think it could have more time.




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