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Arthur Xavier

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The project:


This year in my english classes my teacher decided to make a project with us that we needed to learn everything we could about our partner, and the most interesting part of the project is that the partners were from another country, Argentina in this case. In the project, I learned about Lúcia Favero, our conversation wasn't too productive, but we learned a bit of each other. I sent her a friendship request in facebook, but we talked only in Edmodo, now I'll tell what I  learned about her.




         We started talking at 04/13, I learned that she lives in Buenos Aires , she told me that her house has just one floor, and it is located in Olivos ( a neighborhood), her school is four blocks away of  her house and it is not a big building. In her class there are 25 students and they are very good friends, she likes very much to spend time with them  hanging out and doing a lot things more. When she is not with her friends she likes to cook, and she wanted to start drama classes. Days after, she told me that she started finally the drama classes.

          We talked about our families too, she has a 10 years old sister called Abril, her parents are very fun and there is a dog in her house, a small and white dog called Moly. Her birthday is  12/04, she don´t practice any sports, she told me that she wanted to visit São Paulo and Brasília because she don't know many things about them. She thinks that Brazil will make a good World Cup due to the players. She listens to all types of music, and her favourite band is One Direction. I  guess this is all I learned about her.




I liked this project very much, I conclude that the project help you learning english with a lot of diferent things you can talk about with your partners, and at the same time you practise in real situations. Congratulations Ana Maria and Jennifer, the project is very good, and in my honest opinion i don't know what you can do to improve it.


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