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Victor Barcelos

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The project

The project "hello, there" had the idea to pair up 18 students from Brazil and 18 from Argentina so they could talk to each other for four weeks and learn about his/her partner's life, habits, tastes, hobys and culture. My partner was a girl called Milagros that lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and during our time we could talk by every kind of app or social media but the one we use the most was edmodo. So everything I learned about Milagros I am going to  report for you.


When we started to talk both of us were shy but with the time and the conversation we discovered that we had a lot in common but in the beeginig she told me that she lives in Buenos Aires and we tried to talk in the app whats app but it didn't work so we keep talking in edmodo. She told me her full name her age that is 14, she has a sister called Luna, one dog and three cats!!!


(this is mili dog's)


Milagros told me about the type of music that she likes which is almost everything, the name of her friends, what she usually did at the weekend and we found out that both of us play tennis. We share moments about our holliday trips, about what we want to do at the university and if we want to get married and have childs, she wants to have 2 children. So we started to talk about our routine and she sent me a photo of her class room:
(mili's classroom)


So, before a lot of conversation we started to talk about games, the world cup and the security of our cities.



Fisrt of all I loved meeting Milagros and have the chance to talk and communicate with a person that is to far away, is awsome!! And with the project "Hello, there" I notice that even with the distance we can make new friends and learn abaout different cultures and habits. Therefor I can only thank the project because I really liked to talk with Milagros and learn more about english in those kind of situation.

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