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Ana Victória

Page history last edited by Ana Vitória Villar 6 years, 5 months ago


The Project


I participated in the project “Hello, there!”, which had a duration of 4 weeks.  It’s objective is that Brazilians and Argentinean students improve their English and get to know the other country better. The project happened in Edmodo. The students were separated into groups of two or three and had to communicate and exchange information about themselves and their countries. My Argentinean friend was Erika Welz and the conversations between us happened only in Edmodo.



What I learned from Erika


I learned some things about Argentina and, specially, Erika. We are very similar actually. She is 14 years old and lives in a town called Carapachav, which is near Buenos Aires. She studies in a private school, named Saint Matthew’s and said that her school is a bit small but she loves it because everybody knows each other. She told me that English is pretty good in her school and a lot of people send their children to study there because of the English. She is in middle 3 and there are 25 students in her classroom. Her favorite subjects are Math, Music, Language and Literature (both in English and Spanish). Erika loves acting and is very interested in cinema. So, she wants to be an actress. The holidays in Argentina happen in the same period as in Brazil. They start school in February and finish at the beginning of December. They also have a winter break in July.         

Erika has got a bigger sister named Cynthia, a bigger brother called Mathias and a little sister Lizzie (Elizabeth). She spends a lot of time with Lizzie. Apparently, they have a really nice relationship and according to Erika she is like a second mother to Lizzie. Due to Erika's love for cinema she really enjoys TV series like Doctor Who, Supernatural and others. She also loves reading and her favorite trilogy is The Hunger Games.  

Erika has already been to Brazil and she loves it. She comes here almost every summer and usually stays in Santa Catarina, Estaleiro. She doesn’t have any relatives who live in Brazil but the first year that her family went to Estaleiro they stayed in a “pousada” called Costão Do Sol and her family made friends with the owners. Whenever she goes to Estaleiro she stays there and she loves it. She thinks it’s a beautiful and relaxing place. She actually sent me a photo of her there:




We also talked about the weather. In Argentina the climate is varied. Erika told me that they have a cold winter and the summer is really hot. Her favorite season is winter because of the rain.

Later we talked about food. She told me about the barbecue with salad, the pastas, the “empanadas”, which are an Argentina’s symbol and the mate that is a pretty popular drink in Argentina. She loves it and drinks it every day.  Erika also loves cooking with her friends as a hobby. Specially sweets, since she loves them. 

While we were talking about food she said that she loves the Brazilian “pastels” and the “crepes”, which do not exist in Argentina so she brought some from Brazil to cook at home. She made some herself and sent me a photo:





Participating of the project was a really nice experience. I was able to know more about Argentina and it was great to meet Erika, she is a very nice person. I wish we had more time to know each other better and I would love to meet her personally some day. I would also love to visit Argentina. I have no complaints about the project and I would enjoy doing it again. 






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