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Amanda Colmanetti

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Hello, there!

     The project “hello, there!” had the objective to pair up 18 students from Brazil with 18 students from Argentina to communicate during 4 weeks. I was designated to communicate with Juanmartin, and the only source we used to talk was edmodo. I’ll report what I learned about Juanmartin and the place he lives.



     The person I talked to during four weeks was Juanmartin, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is thirteen years old, the little one from his class! His birthday is on 25th of may, so he is almost fourteen already. Juanmartin told me he really likes the city he lives, and the only thing about Buenos Aires that annoys him is the traffic, there are a lot of cars in the city and he hates them. He said that it’s hard to know if he would move to another city, because he was born in Buenos Aires, all of his friends and family are there but he also likes visiting other places and different people. Juanmartin came to Brazil three times, but he was five years old so he doesn’t remember much from the country, and he doesn’t know any typical Brazilian food because there aren’t a lot of Brazilian restaurants in his city. According to Juanmartin, Buenos Aires’ weather gets very cold in the winter and really hot on summer. He likes the hot weather, but he has been going to the south of Argentina to ski since he was 7 years old.

     Juanmartin has three sisters and two brothers. The oldest ones are Sebastian and Micaela, children of his father and his first wife. He and his sister, Maria Eugenia, came with his father’s second marriage, and with the third marriage came his siblings Marco and Zara. His father is now fifty years old, he worked all his life and stopped three years ago, selling his company. Juanmartin’s mom works as a personal trainer, helping people with physical problems. He lives with her, and owns a cat called Victor. His german shepherd stays in his father’s house.

     Juanmartin started doing taekwondo about a month ago and he likes it because it is a really good and fun sport to practice. Last year he used to climb, he loves it but stopped practicing due to his friend, who was very good and went to a harder rank. He knows how to play flute, and how to beatbox too. Electronic and reggae are the type of music he likes, even though they are two very different kinds of music. One of his favorite bands is SOJA, a very good and famous reggae band (that I also love) and he doesn’t know sertanejo, a very common music style that is heard here in Brazil. He wants to go to university because he wants to be a multimedia designer, so he will be able to make game or web site textures, like the menu of Edmodo.

     This is sertanejo music, a lot of Brazilians hear it!


     These ones are, respectively, Lucas, Tatu, Juanmartin, Santiago, Nacho and Gian Franco. Juanmartin sent me this picture, they are some of his friends!




     The project Hello, there! really accomplished its main objective, which is to communicate improving the student’s English. This project made me realize how important English is, apart from allowing me to know other cultures and different people. It’s a fun way to practice the language, because at the same time I am studying I can get to know people who I can identify with, even though they live in a very different country. 


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