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Thaís Helena

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Thaís, are there any pictures you could include to illustrate your text? Check out Pedro Resende's report as an example. 


Project: Hello, there!




 In this project, I was placed to talk with Lucia Belen Lema, who is 14 years old. We talked a lot and had the chance to know a little about the life of each one, which was pretty cool. We could comunicate via Edmodo, Twitter and WhatsApp.




  Lucia lives in San Isidro, the North part of Buenos Aires. Since the beginning of this project she was really simpatic, nice and comunicative, making  conversations and responding quickly. During conversations we realized we had very similar tastes in music, which made us talk a lot about it.

   Lucia likes dancing, acting, singing, even though she is not very good at it. She also likes drawing and fashion designing. She loves music, all types of them: Electronic, such as Avicci, classics like Queen, she used to love Miley Cyrus, but she still liking her music, however she said that Miley had changed a lot. She also likes a group called Imagine Dragons, that It's definitely great. She admire Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Celine Dion, because they have the greatests voices ever. She is very talkative and never had trouble socializing, She enjoys a lot interacting with people and learning their different views and ways of thinking.

   When I told her that my favourite band was The Wanted she told me that she loves this  band, and their music, and know all their songs. She said that don't know much about the band and why did they separated but she loves their songs and know them by heart.  Lollapalooza was in Argentina too, some of her friends went, she wanted to go but she couldn't, she also wants to go to see 1D, she loves Katy Perry and Rihanna, because they're just so perfect. 

  She has a lovely cat named Pepa, and a little sister called Clara, who is 9 years old, and she looks much like Lucia. She LOVES ice-cream and milk-based sweet cream sauce ( in spanish dulcedeleche) with all her life. She also loves sweet food. In her free time she loves listening to music, reading and watching good love romantic and funny movies.

 She likes all kind of films, but she most like romantic and funny films… She used to love "El diablo vista a la mods" with Anne Hathaway one of her favorite actress. Now, she doesn't know which is her favorite movie but she loves one that it is called "10 things I hate about you"  and said that I can see it in Netflix.


With this project we learned about another country, another culture and made new friends, for example Lucia, loved meeting her and hope that, even after this project we can still talking to each other.


Some pictures she sent me:


 This is Lucia (in the left) with one of her best friends called Carolina




Some pictures of her favourite singers and bands: 



 The Wanted



 whitney Houston



 Alicia Keys


 Celine Dion


 Katy Perry



Her Draw:


Link permanente da imagem incorporada


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