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Isabela Perucci (redirected from Isabella Perucci)

Page history last edited by Isabela Perucci 6 years, 6 months ago


The project was a way to get in touch with other cultures while we train and improve our English. We started to talk with teenagers from Argentina to change facts about our lifes and things that happened during the week. The conversation started in that site called Edmodo, and before some weeks we also changed facebook and skype's address. 



During this time I've been talking with Mateo, who told me to call him Teo, an Argentine guy who lives in Buenos Aires (image 1) and is 14 years old. He's a very kind boy that loves his family, which is really big, and friends.


He likes traveling and listening to music mainly rock, and he have already gone to one concert of his favorite singer, Bonjovi and traveled to Brazil, USA, Dominican Republic and around his country. His favorite place in Argentina is a little town called Pehueña (image 2), where he is used to spending holidays with his family at his aunt’s house in front of a lake. I believe he likes to read a lot to, because he told me that one of his dreams is to have his own library. Also, he loves doing sports like climbing and cycling, in fact he join tournaments of climbing and It seems to me that he's very good, since he have won some of them, for example. (image 3)


One day while the project was happening, it was Mateo’s birthday, he spent his day with his friends cycling or just hanging out at someone’s house, and in the end he had pasta with them and his family.



A girl called Julia was in our group too, but she didn't showed up until the last 2 days of the project. She said that she hadn’t postED anything because she was traveling. All I know is that she’s from Buenos Aires too and that she lives in a house next to her school, where the classes are only with a few people, but she loves studying there anyway, because she thinks everybody is cool.



I really liked being part of the project and getting in contact with people from other cultures and by doing that I noticed that we have some differences but on other hand, we are teenagers, after all we have the same dreams, tastes and the same routine: school, help our parents and a way to have fun. Mateo and I get on very well and I believe we may keep talking sometimes, as I didn't talk too much with Julia I believe the project could be a little longer to know her better.











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