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Isabela Paiva

Page history last edited by Isabela Paiva 6 years, 5 months ago



     Hello, there!  


     The project “hello, there!” had the objective to pair up 18 students from Brazil with 18 students from Argentina to communicate during 4 weeks. I was designated to communicate with Carolina and Andrés from Argentina. We could comunicate  via any kind of technology, but the manly sorce of comunication was Edmodo. So I'll report everything I learned about them during the project development.




        In the beginning, we started very shy, so we started talking about less personal matters , such as where he lives , and his day to   day life. Andrés lives in Buenos Aires, one of his first coments were about the weather , he said that it is insane , because one day it's hot and the other one is freezing! According to him, there are many interesting people who live there, that you can get to know. But he is not limited just to his city .


     Andrès loves visiting Bariloche and Rio Negro , in Rio Negro he has some friends that he likes to see during  the holidays , he said that he and his friends are looking forward to the World Cup , and after it he told me  he play hockey as a hobby.He is an only child, so he just lives with his father and his mother , but his family is  always present... He spends time with his four cousins ​​and the cousins sons, some weeks ago he said he visited  his cousins ​​, his grandmother , his three uncles and his four nephews ! I'd say it was a great family  reunion. Returning to Buenos Aires , Andrés has just entered a new school , so he does not really know how the  scheme works , but overall he says that in his city events happen such as Carnival in Brazil , but much smaller  and with far less mess ! 

                            In the end , it was great to know a person who lives far away , but at the same time telling me about nearly all his life.




      Carolina and I also started with basic questions, she also lives in Buenos Aires, in her opinion, it is a quite big city, more than the necessary, she would prefer to live in a small town where she can get to know almost everybody, that’s why she love a little town in Argentina called San Martin de los Andes, in the province of Neuquén, in winter there is a really cold place, so she goes there with her family to snowboard.


     She really enjoy hanging out with her friends, to watch movies or going to each others houses, she also enjoy going to her’s grandparent's house in the suburbs of the city  , she goes there almost every weekend, because there she meets her cousins, they have a volleyball net, so she can play with her family. There is also an pool so that everyone can go there in the summer, because it gets really hot! In this easter, she went there with her family to celebrate, in this period of time she told me that she and her cousins climbed the trees, she said that it may sound childish but I totally disagree, because I would do the same that she did!


       Changing the subject, we talked about ours schools, she said that her school is almost like a family, because it is small and everyone can get to know each other, another thing that she likes its that it is very close from her house, so she can go walking without any other problems.Carolina told me that her favorite bands are Imagine Dragons, she have a CD and a big poster in her bedroom! Another band that she loves is Jamie Campbell Bower, she said that it’s’ not very popular, but even so she doesn’t stop loving it. She is really fascinated by the Beatles, but in general, who isn’t? She also likes to  spend time listening to music while reading a book. In this part, I identified myself with her, we have basically the same taste for music! I think one of the first steps to know if you'll get along with someone, is by seeing if you listen to the same type of music!


     In the end, I concluded that Carolina and I are very similar, so I really enjoyed meeting her and hope she enjoyed meeting me. If she ever comes to Brazil she can count on my help for anything!



     The project manly helped me notice that you can get to know someone without beeing close to her or him... Of course we had some problems with the comunication times and availability o everyone but otherwise I realized that you do not always need to be near someone to know them, and you may also find people who can identify with you, all around the world. That's why I thank project Hello, there!




Comments (2)

anamaria said

at 1:11 pm on May 19, 2014

Dear Isabela, what a lovely report you´ve written. I´ll be leaving some suggestions today or tomorrow, ok?

Isabela Paiva said

at 4:50 pm on May 26, 2014

teacher when i click "save" my project shows up in my scream, but in the text there is some underlined in blue words, but when I click "edit" they dont show up in blue so I dont know how to take them out!My text was supposed to be all in black! Is this only appearing on my computer or yours too?

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