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Gabriela Souza

Page history last edited by Gabriela Souza 6 years, 4 months ago

About the Project!


    The Project name is "Hello there!" and the intention was to improve our english, so we had students of Brazil and Argentina and we had to communicate to each other once a week. We needed to know the minimum about your partner and something about Argentina or Buenos Aires. We used edmodo to communicate, and if we desire we could use other Technologies.


My partner...     

     My partners name is Manuel. However, everyone calls him Manu. He lives in Buenos Aires,and he likes going out with some friends  to go dancing, to go to the cinema, using his longboard, but he doesn't like the city because he can’t go to the street and feels safe because he always finds someone who looks suspicious and some weeks ago he was robbed while he WAS walking with a friend.

     He has 3 cats miya, coqui and pepina, he usually has fun with them but sometimes they make him really mad, Manu has a sister and a brother, his sister is studying music comedy in London and his brother he doesn't know, he doesn't play any sport, but he likes football.


The project is...

     The project is really good, because you just can talk in English with your partner so you have to search, and you learn new vocabulary, it’s very important to improve your English and that is the goal, and it’s reached in the end of the project. I like the project because I could learn something about another country, about another  person and I learnt English.





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