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Anna Isa Andraus

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My suggestions:

- I'll be writing my suggestions in BLUE. If I mark something in this colour it means it needs to be changed or corrected, ok? I might put some tips in capital letter.


The project

THE Objective OF THE PROJECT WAS to learn as much as possible about the other student and the place where the Argentines live DURING FOUR WEEKS. I was designated to communicate with Nacho R.


About my partner

Nacho earlier soon as I was well (THIS SENTENCE IS CONFUSING), he said just basic things such as his age is 14 years old, his name, what he likes to do in your HIS free time is to play the songs that I like to my guitar and also said  that  HE loveS music. I was curious and could not resist asking what genre of music he liked. He said he likes rock and he bought his first electric guitar. He usually listens to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, AC / DC, Aerosmith, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant and many other.


I asked some questions for him to answer me:

. HOW MANY SQUARES ARE THERE? He said he did not know exactly how many squares have

. DO You live in an apartment or house? He said he lives in a house of 3 floors

. ARE THERE tourist spots in your city. Which are they? He said that Buenos Aires is not a very touristic place, the only place that comes to mind is the Obelisco.

. What kind of transportation is used? He also said that the most used means of transpost there is  the car. Second comes the bus and thirdly he would say the metro.



Here are the links of some videos :


.Arctic monkeys




. Red Hot Chili Peppers





.AC / DC





I sent some pictures of my dogs and he said he has two cats, but they moved to the house of his neighbor because he stood not far (WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS? I DIDNT'UNDERSTAND) from home and their animals not receiving much attention.


Our conversation was not very long but the little I saw I realized he is a nice guy, he can  not (PAST) attend the virtual meeting which was a shame, but I hope to have more opportunities to continue this conversation. Maybe he does not want to come see Cup in Brazil, would receive it well in my house (WHAT DID YOU WANT TO SAY?)


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