Laura Pereira

Project Hello There


My partners in Project Hello there were Lucas Coto and Catalina Awruch .I had to talk with them for 1 month , and then do my final report , talking about everything that I've learned about them , and the place that they live 



Unfortunately, Lucas only spoke to me once , so everything I know  about him , is that he goes to St. Matthews College , and plays fights tae Kwondo. 



However Catalina talked a lot with me . She's very fun , and I've loved meet  her . 

She has 14 years old ,she lives with her mother , step-father and her brother his 16 years old, she has two  dogs both are girls, their names are Cala and Brisa  . She's from Buenos Aires, she told me that Buenos Aires is a cold city and very big  , and there's a lot of places to go  but  her favorites places there are, the cinema and the conservatory CarafĂ­  where she dances , she's a classical dancer ,and most of the week she's training.


She goes to St. Matthews College ,a school in a neighbourhood called Olivos . Her favorite subject is Biology , and Javier Medina is her favorite teacher. Her favorites hobbies are dancing , and spending time with her family and friends , she has a best friend , her name is Guadalupe . She has been learning English since she was 6 years old , and she likes the language . 

So as you can see I talked a lot with Cata , she's very kind, I really enjoyed getting to  know her . 


This time that I spend talking with her was very nice.We have lot in common.

The Project was really interesting , because besides you improve your English you can also know other people and their culture , learn more about the country , and how the people live there , I really enjoyed it .The project added much in several ways.