Ana Laura Sodré




Project Hello There had the objective to make our English better and  improve it , and also help us to communicate with people from another places.


My partners, Justine and Nicolas are from Argentina , they live in a city called Buenos Aires and they study at San Mateo School.



Jus is a girl and she's fourteen years old. She does dance (especifically spelling  jazz and pop jazz), she plays football,tennis and swim at Clube Atletico Platense. Her daddy has worked there for a long time but had to leave the post. She loves watching tv series , Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries and Breaking Bad . The whole family have lived in the same neighbourhood since her great-grandparents. She likes playing video games, and she loves listening to music and animals( she has a dobermann called Marcus)



We have lots of things in commumm spelling :D 

             Unfortunately , Nicolas hasn't answered me :l .



About the project  ... I think it's a good chance to know other people from different places, and It is a good chance to improve the learning of English. I love it because I had experience with so kind people . I got a little of nervous but it is worth it. I hope to do this again!